About Us

Steadex specialises in IT solutions and outsourcing.

With highly skilled and experienced technicians we are able to provide not only the best turnaround times but also ensure proactive support ensuring minimum down time.

We are able to professionally and cost effectively consult and execute installations as well as provide ongoing support for Voice, Data and Infrastructure solutions.

Our suite of services range from being a fully recognised internet service provider right up to providing unlimited monthly support to our customers at a fixed monthly cost.

What makes us different is that we understand business as well as we do IT. We believe that everything we do should be transparent and ROI driven to ensure best value to our customers.

Steadex understand that SME businesses rely just as much on their Information Technology as mega enterprises do and therefore we offer ALL our customers emergency after-hour support with clear call escalation and priorities.

Steadex your IT partner.


Why Steadex?

Strong Partner Relationship
Ability and skill to customise solutions
End to end provider with single point of contact

Transparent and ROI driven to ensure best value

Steadex understands that SME entities rely just as much on IT
Emergency After-hours Number
Call Escalation & Priorities

Customer focused

3 Eland Road, Aston Manor, Kempton Park

011 970 1119


Skype: SteadexSupport